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Serving Every Client like a V.I.P.


My clients say I’m the one who “gets things done.” Buyers and sellers appreciate my approach offering enthusiasm, organization, great communication and listening skills, follow-through, and who they enjoy working with.

Since 1991, I have been in and around the real estate business.  Helping you buy or sell a home can provide challenges that require experience and problem-solving.  My natural attributes bring the skill set necessary to meet the unique issues and opportunities for real estate transactions.

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Selling your home...Owners Equity Report

Property values change over time and you may have a gut feel for what your home would sell for. A professional REALTOR will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis to provide an objective review of your home.


A CMA is a free report that compares your home to similar properties in your neighborhood that are currently for sale or have recently been sold. By taking into account certain aspects of a home that may affect its value and marketability, including market conditions, location, and the home's amenities, and overall condition, I can better assist you in determining the value of your home and know how much equity you have.

Buying a home...​A few tips to consider

1. Get your finances in order.

This is necessary before looking for homes so we can make sure of your budget and any requirements for the type of financing you will be obtaining.


2. Hire a professional.

While the Internet may give you unprecedented access to home listings and resources, many aspects of the buying process require a level of expertise you can’t pick up from surfing the web. You’re better off using a professional REALTOR who will have your interests at heart and can help you with strategies during the buying process. 

3. Think long term.

Always think about what your life looks like now and in the future. The average homeowner stays in their house for seven years. It is always important to think resale and listen to the advice of your realtor for future sale-ability of the house you are considering.

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REALTOR® vs Salesperson


People use the terms Realtor® and real estate agent interchangeably, but they aren't the same thing. Not every real estate agent is a Realtor®. Both must be licensed to sell real estate, but there are some important distinctions.

Clients working with Realtors benefit from a higher level of professionalism and are more likely to be satisfied with the level of service provided.

I'm Your Rockstar Realtor and ready to provide you with 5-Star VIP service!

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